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BREED, Pure from Menorca

Born between stones and rocks under the azure sky with the aroma of the sea, with genes from distant breeds, that can be noticed in his bloodt. A cheerful appearance during the festivities, and yet a hard worker on the land. A real and true native breed of the island, standing exposed to the wind and the sea, to whom its beauty is due, what he proudly shows with his graceful movements.


Origin: The Menorquín originates from the island of Menorca, the Balearic islands, in Spain.

The (breed)name: The official name of the breed is “Pura Raza Menorquina” (Pure Breed Menorquina), abbreviated P.R.M. In Spain, however, one speaks of a “Menorca” (horse), although “Menorquín” is also used on the mainland of  Spain or Menorquina. This last name, Menorquín or Menorquina, is also the most widely used abroad (France, Germany, Italy, etc.). This phenomenon is also seen with the Pura Raza Española, abbreviated P.R.E., also known as "caballo Andaluz" (andalusian horse), "Andaluz" (andalusian) "Caballo Español" (Spanish horse) or "Español”; in the Netherlands it is known as "Andalusiër" (Andalusian). The same applies to the Puro Sangue Lusitano, abbreviated P.S.L., and better known as the Lusitano.

Charachter: The Minorcan horses are very noble, warm-blooded, simple and rustic. They are brave, resistant, maneuverable and energetic and therefore used in different disciplines. The Menorquín is very intelligent, cheerful, and inquisitive and shows a natural ability for the reunion. Under the saddle, they are very serious and focused, even as several stallions are simultaneously ridden. The Menorquina horses are fierce and proud, although they are obedient and hard to offend. The Menorquina character and attributes, makes the experience always a pleasureable one and very rewarding for both horse and rider.


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