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Het Soerhuis | 0571 262603 |

SOERHUIS, The studfarm

A relatively new, dynamic and energetic company within the Dutch equestrian world, which has set itself the goal to become an important reference point at international level for the horses of the Pura Raza Menorquina breed. We are here at your disposal!

Studfarm “Het Soerhuis” is a new, dynamic and energetic enterprise within the Dutch equestrian world.

  • New, because the Pura Raza Menorquina is a very pioneering new player, not only within the baroque breeds, but also in the horse industry in general.
  • Dynamic, because we have set our goal to promote the Pura Raza Menorquina Breed and in order to achieve this goal, we will be developing a wide range of activities. In addition, we are up to date with all the latest developments in the horse industry and seek the best opportunity to be a player within this industry.
  • Energetic, because not only our horses sparkle with energy, but we are also full of innovative ideas, which we want to see take shape in the near future. In order for this to become reality, fortunately we dispose of the proper energetic content.

The idea of establishing a stud farm originated many years ago. After a lengthy search for a suitable location and the completion of major renovation of the stately farm "The Soerhuis” in Wilp, Francisco (Sisco) Fuster and Jannette Bijsterbosch were able to establish the stud farm "The Soerhuis" at the beginning of 2005. With regards to the choice of the Minorcan breed for the stud farm “Het Soerhuis”, we did not have any doubts:  Sisco, born and raised in Menorca (Spain), has a special love for the horses of his home island. Jannette fell in love with the beauty of the Menorquina horses at first sight, during the “Sant Joan” festival in Ciutadella. With the purchase of 5 broodmares and 2 stallions in Menorca, soon in the spring of 2005 the first bricks were laid in establishing the company.   Even though we have many goals, we want to place extra emphasis on the following ones:

  • To put the Pura Raza Menorquina horses in the spotlight, on both national and international levels, including that of the international horse-keeping industry.
  • Improving and defining the standard of the breed.

Our vision is simple: We keep and breed cheerful and social animals, this is the reason why we keep our horses as high-bred as possible. All of our horses (including our stallions) receive the adequate daily outdoor grazing, which ensures that they remain healthy in all aspects. From the first day, the foals and the mares are placed in the meadow. The rearing process takes place in selected groups, so that social contact and herd behavior becomes the center of their existence.     During the upbringing and training process of our horses, we always take into account the individual character and the qualities of each horse. As a basic principle, since horses are considered to be flight/prey animals, we employ patience and a consistent approach at the Stud farm “Het Soerhuis”, which we consider to be a great advantage. This allows us as riders, as well as our horses, to have confidence, ensuring that our horses accept our commands in every situation.     This aids us in creating a pleasant relationship amongst the horses and between horse and  human beings at the stud farm “Het Soerhuis”. In addition, it brings out the best qualities of each horse.

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